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Asbestos Removal Scunthorpe Lincolnshire (DN15): Each year, according to the accepted Health and Safety Executive figures, approximately 5,000 people die from health issues caused by exposure to asbestos. The health effects attributable to asbestos shows that if you're seeking to remove any asbestos materials from your Scunthorpe home or business premises, it really is important that you seek professional advice to complete the work safely. If you happen to be working on an old building and come across materials that you think might be asbestos, you must cease work straight away and seek advice from a qualified asbestos professional. An asbestos removal company in Scunthorpe will be able to evaluate the situation and suggest the best technique for disposal.

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It might be found during the survey that you don't need to use a HSE licensed contractor for the asbestos removal. However, with the long lasting health risks to people and the environment, it is always advisable to bring in specialist help from the asbestos removal sector. Always use an established Scunthorpe asbestos removal contractor who adheres to the mandatory HSE recommendations and has had training in the industry.

Asbestos Removal Scunthorpe Lincolnshire (DN15)


Asbestos when it's left untouched does not carry any health risks. Asbestos can release tiny fibres into the atmosphere only when abraded, damaged or cut. Asbestosis is the health condition that's triggered by asbestos fibres entering the lungs and getting trapped. Lung cancer experts have also identified asbestos fibres to be a contributary cause in the disease.

There is no known cure for asbestosis and the scarring to the lungs caused by the asbestos fibres cannot be reversed.

The symptoms of asbestosis may include:

  • Persistent Cough
  • Severe Shortness of Breath
  • Wheezing
  • Pain in the Shoulder or Chest
  • Extreme Fatigue

You need to seek expert medical advice if you believe you have been in contact with asbestos over a long period of time and you've developed symptoms from those mentioned above.

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Asbestos was used extensively in British building and construction projects from 1945 - 1985, but it was actually banned for use in 1999. Numerous older homes and properties may therefore contain asbestos in some portion of the structure. It might be discovered in any part of an older property as it was employed as a fireproofing and insulating product in a wide variety of areas.

If you do find asbestos in your Scunthorpe home, it doesn't present an immediate danger or threat. Remember that asbestos is generally only dangerous to health if damaged or interfered with. The truth is, in some structures it is far better to leave the asbestos in place and employ procedures to make certain it isn't damaged. If you have any doubts or want to know about safe techniques for dealing with asbestos in your home or business premises it is advisable to get in touch with an experienced asbestos removal contractor in Scunthorpe for advice and guidance.

There are different levels of health risk associated with the range of asbestos products that might be discovered in older homes. For example, loose fill insulation, asbestos insulation boards and pipe lagging are looked upon as a higher risk than asbestos cement sheets and roofing panels. Only an authorized asbestos removal company in Scunthorpe will be capable of detecting, removing and getting rid of any products containing asbestos, in a safe, secure and eco-friendly manner.

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If the removing of asbestos has a requirement for a HSE license holder to complete the process, then the local authority or the HSE has to be notified. The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 are the guidelines that your asbestos removal company must comply with in order to safeguard work areas and individuals from asbestos particles and fibre.

If you do not hold a certified Health and Safety Executive asbestos permit you could very well be prosecuted if you undertake any asbestos removal which demands a licensed contractor to complete the project.

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Asbestos material of any kind, once removed from your Scunthorpe home, is classed as hazardous waste. Any hazardous waste, particularly that which contains asbestos, has strict rules for the manner in which it can be safely disposed of. By using a professional asbestos removal company, you can be certain that they are following all the local authority and the HSE rules concerning hazardous asbestos waste.

The Carriage of Dangerous Goods Act 2009 (CDG 2009) deals with the transportation and disposal of asbestos if it is in the form of loose fibres or is damaged and very likely to release harmful particles. The Carriage of Dangerous Goods Act 2009 says a separate waste carrier's license is essential and the asbestos waste must be transported to a registered hazardous waste disposal facility that's authorised by the government. Your Scunthorpe asbestos removal company will hold liability for ensuring this is undertaken correctly, and has to retain all records pertaining to the work and disposal for at least three years.


Before any actual work starts on removing any suspect items from your Scunthorpe home you'll want to confirm that it is asbestos. Inspections and surveys by licensed and registered asbestos removal companies or asbestos surveyors are the only way to correctly determine the asbestos hazard in your home. You could decide not to undertake an asbestos inspection on your house, but if it was constructed between the years 1945 and 1999, you have to presume there is in fact asbestos present somewhere and abide by all health and safety measures.

An asbestos removal contractor can recommend an asbestos surveyor to check your premises, but this individual must be impartial and not employed by or a partner in the business.

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If it is found that you need a Health and Safety Executive licensed asbestos firm for the removal and disposal work necessary, it's a legal requirement to notify the Health and Safety Executive of any work to be completed at least fourteen days in advance. The necessary paperwork will be supplied by the asbestos removal specialist and will include: 1. All certificates required by the company and its workforce to complete the work, covering; medical, sample testing, risk assessments, training, hazardous waste disposal and work licenses. 2. A work report explaining the regulations that will be adhered to. 3. A written statement showing how the samples of asbestos will be tested and the method of making certain the work site is clear once the dangerous materials have been removed and disposed of. 4. After the 4 stage clearance process have been met, the Certificate of Reoccupation from an accredited organisation will be provided.

The asbestos removal company will also provide all personal protective equipment for their personnel and ensure that all waste is correctly stored and transported to an approved waste disposal facility.


Before you choose an asbestos removal company in Scunthorpe, check their membership of and affiliation with recognised bodies and organisations within the asbestos industry.

UKATA - The UK Asbestos Training Association (UKATA), is a non-profit agency which delivers the best quality training for the asbestos industry at all levels. From industry leaders to homeowners, it provides instantly recognisable qualifications that can be authenticated and checked by means of their online portal.

ARCA - The Asbestos Removal Contractors Association is the principal industry body for businesses and individuals who work within the hazardous asbestos removal industry. By providing support, guidance and training to their respected members, ARCA is devoted to encouraging professionalism and safe working practices within the asbestos removal industry.

ATaC - The Asbestos Testing and Consultancy Association (ATaC) is the de-facto trade body for surveyors, testing laboratories and analysts, dealing with all components that contain asbestos. ATaC is an accredited UKAS partner and offers recognition for its membership in this specialist field.

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Asbestos surveys and asbestos removal services are available to homes and businesses in Scunthorpe and additionally in neighbouring villages and towns such as Hibaldstowe, Messingham, Althorpe, Keadby, Gunness, Ashby, Scawby, Burringham, Flixborough, Bottesford, Appleby, High Santon, Crosby, West Butterwick, Brumby, Frodingham, Normanby. Local Scunthorpe asbestos removal companies will likely have the postcode DN15 and the telephone code 01724.

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Around the Scunthorpe area there are a large number of garages that still have asbestos bonded cement on their roofs, and if you need to change such roofing you must be alert to the dangers that are associated with this. In most cases of asbestos it's required by law that you use a qualified contractor to perform the removal and disposal. Individuals can only remove asbestos if it is of cement bonded sheeting, such as that found on the roofs of garages in Scunthorpe, and they comply with all procedures and legislation.

If you're not certain about the condition of the asbestos sheeting, and have any doubts about your ability to safely deal with it, you should always consult a professional for assistance. Leaving the task to a recognised professional means that you won't have to be concerned about buying the correct personal protective equipment, getting rid of the asbestos, or all the different legal requirements involved in asbestos removal.

An approved asbestos removal contractor in Scunthorpe will abide by all the relevant legal requirements for health and safety in asbestos removal, their working practices, disposal, and clearing the location afterwards, to ensure the garage is safe for re-roofing and working in. (Tags: Asbestos Garage Removal Scunthorpe, Asbestos Garage Roof Removal Scunthorpe, Asbestos Garage Roofing Scunthorpe).

Asbestos Awareness Courses Scunthorpe

Asbestos Awareness Courses Scunthorpe (DN15)

Asbestos awareness courses and programs are available right across the British Isles and provide tradespeople with ways to avoid coming into contact with asbestos. What is learnt in an asbestos awareness course does not allow anyone to work or dispose of hazardous asbestos in any way. But, it really is vital that both workers and supervisors should be aware of, and be able to recognise ACMs in the workplace, and know how to protect themselves and other people, if they are confronted by them.

Courses on asbestos awareness deal with the following subjects:

  • Asbestos exposure and its health risks
  • Dealing with an unexpected asbestos exposure or the discharge of asbestos fibres into the working area
  • Techniques for minimising the possibility of asbestos exposure in the workplace
  • Places where you're likely to find asbestos

Online courses are a stress-free way way to obtain qualifications in asbestos awareness in Scunthorpe, with digital certificates sent out instantly on course completion. If you cannot find any asbestos awareness courses in Scunthorpe itself, your preferred alternative might be an online course. (Tags: Asbestos Awareness Courses Scunthorpe, Online Asbestos Awareness Courses Scunthorpe, Asbestos Courses Scunthorpe, Asbestos Awareness Scunthorpe).

Types of Asbestos

Types of Asbestos Mineral

A fibrous material that occurs naturally on every one of the world's continents, asbestos was regularly used in manufacturing and construction from the end of the 19th century to the late 1990s. Belonging to the serpentine and amphibole families, there are six different types of asbestos in all - chrysotile, crocidolite, amosite, tremolite, actinolite and anthophyllite.

It's beyond the scope of this article to consider all but the 3 main types - chrysotile, crocidolite and amosite.

Crocidolite (Blue Asbestos) - The most dangerous of all the asbestos minerals is crocidolite (also known as blue asbestos). It is part of the Amphibole family of silicate minerals and was frequently used for insulating steam engines, and also for pipe lagging, plastics, spray-on coatings and cement products.

Chrysotile (White Asbestos) - Also called white asbestos, chrysotile asbestos was the most widely used form of this dangerous material. It was used in the manufacture of duct & pipe insulation, boiler seals, brake linings and gaskets, and in the roofs, insulation, floors, walls and ceilings of many Scunthorpe homes and buildings.

Amosite (Brown Asbestos or Grunerite) - Also known as brown asbestos, amosite asbestos or grunerite is frequently found in pipe insulation, fire protection, vinyl tiles, cement sheets, insulating board and roofing materials. The second most dangerous form of asbestos was mostly mined in South Africa and is a part of the Amphibole family.

Artex Removal Scunthorpe

It was fairly common in the nineteen seventies and eighties, for both contractors and DIYers, to apply Artex to the ceilings and walls of homes in Scunthorpe. The textured, pliable finish of Artex was useful for hiding inconsistencies, flaws and cracks in these surfaces. In a lot of instances the crazy 60s trend of polystyrene tiles (a notorious fire hazard), was replaced by a coat of Artex.

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Paradoxically, given that Artex contained asbestos, one hazardous material was merely being substituted for another. This was naturally not known at the time, and the real dangers of asbestos in building materials wasn't fully recognised. Because lots of homes in Scunthorpe still have walls and ceilings that are covered in Artex, you'd assume that this would be a serious worry, however, since this product is moderately harmless as long as it's not disturbed in any way, it does not present too much of a problem.

If you've a property in Scunthorpe that has Artex on the ceilings or walls you must not attempt to remove it yourself, although the removal of textured coatings is classed as non-licenced work. Any professional asbestos removal service operating in Scunthorpe will be willing to test whether asbestos is indeed contained in your textured coatings, and provide you with an estimate to safely remove your Artex. (Tags: Asbestos Artex Removal Scunthorpe, Artex Removal Scunthorpe, Textured Coating Removal Scunthorpe, Artex Removing Scunthorpe).

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Products Which May Contain Asbestos

  • Lagging
  • Roofing Felt (Especially on Garages and Outbuildings)
  • Rope Seals and Gaskets (Especially on Old Boilers and Stove Doors)
  • Sprayed Coatings on Ceilings, Columns, Beams and Walls
  • Textiles (Fire Blankets, Heat-Resistent Gloves and Protective Overalls)
  • Textured Coatings (Older Forms of Artex and Polytex)
  • Asbestos Cement Products (Corrugated Roof Sheets, Cladding and Downpipes)
  • Composites (Window Sills, Bath Panels and Toilet Cisterns)
  • Asbestos Insulation Boards (Ceiling Tiles, Fire Door Panels and Partition Walls
  • Floor Tiles (Regularly Used Between 1920 an 1960)

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In Lincolnshire you'll also find: Mareham le Fen asbestos inspections, Sutton St James asbestos surveys, Wrangle asbestos disposal, Blyton asbestos disposal, Spalding asbestos surveys, Nettleham asbestos inspections, Winterton asbestos removal, Keelby asbestos removal, Dunholme asbestos removal, Langtoft asbestos disposal, Helpringham asbestos inspections, Sibsey asbestos inspections, Barton Upon Humber asbestos disposal, Hibaldstow asbestos surveys, Coningsby asbestos disposal, Friskney asbestos inspections, Ruskington asbestos surveys, Wrangle asbestos surveys, Barrowby asbestos inspections, Bardney asbestos surveys, Normanby By Spital asbestos surveys, Woodhall Spa asbestos surveys, Sutterton asbestos removal, Baston asbestos disposal, Brigg asbestos disposal, South Witham asbestos removal, Long Sutton asbestos disposal, Louth asbestos inspections, Kirton asbestos disposal. All around the Lincolnshire region you should be able to track down companies who'll provide you with various services for your asbestos removal requirements. If you can't identify the ideal asbestos removal company in Scunthorpe itself then you will surely be able to uncover one someplace nearby.

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Asbestos removal contractors should be able to help with asbestos roof tile removal, Artex removal Scunthorpe, environmental cleaning, the removal of asbestos, asbestos insulation removal, asbestos encasement in Scunthorpe, asbestos ceiling removal in Scunthorpe, hazardous waste removal, soft strip demolition, asbestos air testing, residential asbestos removal in Scunthorpe, asbestos removal price quotes, asbestos removal in Scunthorpe, asbestos disposal, asbestos encapsulation, blue asbestos (crocidolite) removal, corrugated asbestos removal in Scunthorpe, asbestos roof removal, asbestos inspections, commercial asbestos removal in Scunthorpe, and other hazardous waste related jobs.

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The latest Lincolnshire asbestos removal job posts: Mrs Leena Hassan was trying to track down an asbestos removal contractor to remove an old asbestos water tank in her apartment in Chapel St Leonards. Mrs Harlow Mackenzie from Middle Rasen wants someone who can remove the artex from a ceiling. Lawrence Gardner was enquiring about an asbestos removal contractor who can safely remove some wall coating containing asbestos in his terraced property in Wragby. Mr and Mrs Bithell need an asbestos removal specialist who will remove and dispose of some old asbestos flooring tiles in their apartment in Sutton Bridge. Addison Forsyth was in search of an asbestos removal contractor to safely remove and dispose of some asbestos insulation boards in his semi-detached home in Barton Upon Humber. Mrs Ashley Waring in Helpringham wants somebody who can remove and get rid of some asbestos cladding. Wyatt and Harriet Maher were wishing to get an estimate from an asbestos removal contractor in Ingoldmells who can remove some asbestos roofing from a garage that's fallen down outside their detached property. In Friskney, Yusuf and Maddie Garcia are on the lookout for someone to take down a garage roof that's made of corrugated asbestos.

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Asbestos Removal Around Scunthorpe: Enquiries in relation to asbestos removal and asbestos surveys have recently been made by property and business owners in these Scunthorpe places: Appleby Close, Sunningdale Road, Bennett Road, Chapel Street, Burton Road, Sheffield Street, Acacia Way, Bakewell Court, Beech Grove, The Paddock, Beverley Court, Alkborough Lane, Bridport Walk, Theodore Road, Clarendon Road, Southfield Road, Abbey Road, Bolingbroke Road, Benson Close, Doncaster Road, Argyle Court, Sandfield Close, The Crofts, Avon Road, Crowle Bank Road, Appleton Way, Bigby Grove, Sturmer Court, Baildon Road, as well as the following local Scunthorpe postcodes: DN15 6AL, DN15 6QS, DN15 0DH, DN15 5AL, DN15 6BJ, DN15 6DN, DN15 6QA, DN15 6LF, DN15 6DP, DN15 6PA.

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Other Scunthorpe Trades: When you're in need of asbestos removal in Scunthorpe, you might also require the expertise of other specialists, for instance you may need a bricklayer in Scunthorpe, a builder in Scunthorpe, a handyman in Scunthorpe, a loft conversion specialist in Scunthorpe, rubbish removal in Scunthorpe, a stonemason in Scunthorpe, a landscaper in Scunthorpe, an electrician in Scunthorpe, a cleaner in Scunthorpe, demolition services in Scunthorpe, woodworm treatment in Scunthorpe, a carpenter in Scunthorpe, a flooring contractor in Scunthorpe, a dry lining specialist in Scunthorpe, garden clearance in Scunthorpe, a painter & decorator in Scunthorpe, a plasterer in Scunthorpe, SKIP HIRE in Scunthorpe, removal services in Scunthorpe, a roofer in Scunthorpe, or some other Scunthorpe tradespeople.

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